Direct to Market Laser Systems

• Design, Development and Manufacturing of LD based systems direct to the marketplace.

 • Develop  laser based products for “end use”, direct to market applications, including, commercial, consumer, industrial, medical applications

 • “Idea to product” capability - Development and Integration of complex designs and ideas into product based solutions designed for manufacturability and mass production

 • Large scale process design and manufacturing on-site and offshore

 • Private OEM labeling

 • Creative team able to generate “out of the box” solutions

 • Development of customer owned IP and know how

 Current Projects:

> Low Cost  USB Laser Driver with optional Touch Screen

> Low Cost  USB TEC Controller with optional Touch Screen

> High speed laser diode goniometer with 3D profile capability

> Short pulse laser driver with peak hold power meter

> Miniature, battery powered laser/led beacon