An Overview of Our Products and Services

Laser Light Solutions offers a broad spectrum of products and services to accommodate the most demanding specifications. Specializing in turn key system design and integration. LLS provides solutions for ultra high power near IR products and high power blue systems. LLS offers cost effective customization and rapid time to market OEM configurations.


Turnkey Laser Systems

+ Specializing in Turn-Key laser systems design and integration.

+ High power visible and IR systems with Ultra high freuency capabilities.

+ Specialized Opto-Electrical designs for High Reliability in demanding envirnments.

+ Customizable touch interfaces and computer control for ease of use and integration.


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High Performance Laser Components and Modules

+ Ultra high power single mode operation for near IR wavelengths

+ High power, specialty wavelength laser diodes including long wavelength multimode devices

+ Multiple laser device integration for efficent power scaling

+ Rugged module designs using specialized Opto-electrical adn Thermo-mechanical packaging.

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High Power Blue (450nm) Systems

LLS is leading the way for development in high power blue systems. The system is based on the 8800 high power high speed platform or can easily be configured into an OEM version for a blue light engine for a wide range of applications from medical imaging to a high end projection systems.

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Technology Development and Business Support

LLS can provide expertise in every aspect of LD production and manufacturing, including; technology development and transfer, new or existing process development, production line efficiency improvements, new product development.

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