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SmartDry turns any "dumb" clothes dryer into a Smart dryer instantly with no wires! Its super simple to install the wireless sensor along with the App on your smartphone. Soon you will be getting useful, time saving alerts right away! SmartDry is a unique Smart Home product that easily snaps inside any clothes dryer (Electric or Gas).Once installed, SmartDry will monitor your laundry and send alerts when it has stopped, clothes are dry, and delicate clothes are ready. On average SmartDry saves users 15 minutes per load, which will immediately start saving you time, money, and energy!

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SmartDry Features

  • Sends Alerts when the clothes are dry or if the dryer has stopped
  • Set Alerts for delicate clothes so you have no more worries of shrinking clothes
  • Notifies you of hazardous high temperature conditions
  • Alerts are cloud based and auto reset so you can just "Set and Forget"
  • Provides accurate and useful alerts about the status of the washer and dryer via a mobile App
  • Save users on average $40/Year from long overruns (saves ~15 minutes per load - 91 hours/year)
  • Saves 500+ kWhrs per year which reduces your CO2 foot print by 300lbs per year
  • Safety benefits by alerting when hazardous conditions exist inside the dryer from clogged vents
  • Sold Exclusively on Amazon.
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